Lory State Park - Sep 2018 camping trip

CATS Back in mountains at Lory State Park – 7-9 Sep 2018
I missed the other two CPW (Colorado Parks and Wildlife reports) at Cheyenne Mountain and State Forest State Park and decided I better report on this one. Besides I am working on a combo article for all three parks coming out soon. So, this is our 4th continuous year camping behind the famous Arthurs Rock and whacking trail in the back country to keep it safe and useable for all user groups. This year we were back in our original campsites three years ago (5 and 6) and the place brought back good old memories for sure. Like all years before, we assembled at the maintenance area for unloading and then loading a dump truck full of our personal gear to go up the mountain. So much fun in the parking lot and shuffling around. Finally we were off and going for a spell until Bobcat (me) broke the muley. It just made a loud noise and then thunking or banging thereafter. Very disturbing and noisy. We pulled off and returned to base with dead OHV. Then there was more scrambling and squeezing people into the last vehicle up. No worries. Later we were all in camp in a frantic race to get personal tents up and then the base camp. Right at dusk we finished and enjoyed smoors over the fake fire. Star gazing, stories and mild libations made the night fun. Some went on a trek down the trail to get a good view of Fort Collins at night. The weather was mild at nights and hot in a sleeping bag. Strange. Up the next morning for breakfast and watch hundredths of runners come by our tent in the Black Squirrel Half Marathon. Those were some tough folks. After they cleared, Cam came up with Nick and Dave Kopp hiked in from the bottom and we were all together for a trek to the worksite a short half mile away. Lots of mono-walls needed for holding in the CE as the horses and bikes were sloughing off the edge from wear. Base camp was nice to come back every day and enjoy the warm food provided by CATS. Stargazing was better Friday night as Saturday evening was over cast and some rain was coming our way. Back to our original site on Saturday and we worked our way back up the trail – repairing sloughing trail. Two days at fixing trail in the mountains and we were ready to head home.

Members:   Navy Bob, Connie, the other Bob, Dean, Brandon, Denny, Lynn M, Dave K, Nick, Catherine and four great guys from LSP    Hours:   20
RESULTS:   Combined days: 101’ +/-  of new monowalls installed various spots on trail, 115’ rubble walls, 10’ inside rock cribbing, special inside turn stacked stones
o  Third camping trek of the season
o  Third state park camping event
o  Great assembly and pack up
o  Combined effort get base camp set up
o  Two campsites offered – lots of private camping
o  Tremendous help from LSP staff in transportation
o  Had four mini crews working both days
o  Nick came up the mountain with Cam on Saturday morning
o  Followed by Dave Kopp backpacking up in time to catch us going down the trail
o  Great weather
o  Breeze
o  Shady lunch spot
o  Lots of good solid rock work performed
o  Beer cold and ready
o  The smell of cooked food in the mountains
o  Runners sliding by in big race
o  Good fun conversations
o  Seems most CATS members were fully uniformed – looked great!
o  Compliments came in from runners and visitors all day
o  Campfire was fun (not)
o  Creativeness with the rock
§  Muley broke down after going out on the road with it
§  Lynn M smashed her middle finger which needed immediate first aid. She worked both days and later she needed a stitch or two. Tough CATS member!
§  Dusty dirt – the type that gets up your nose
§  Rock selection in this trail area was not the best – but we made the stones behave and work for us
§  Someone said, “the rocks were either good or not” depending on one’s perspective
§  One mountain biker that rode right through our work and had some negative comments to add
BUDS:  I will make this short as I am behind in my writings. Camping with CATS is always fun and memorable. We are rushed at first to get to where we need to be and then there is the set up and settling in factor; after that we usually relax and enjoy the privilege. Yes – privilege as we camp back in there where most folks don’t venture or in places where other groups are not allowed to camp. Certainly we appreciate this privilege and do our best to make the trails safer and durable for the future. Lory is a special place with its own history. CATS enjoys being part of the ongoing history timeline. From our early beginning here at Lory with rebuilding the wooden bridges after the Galena Fire in 2013 to the present we strive to do good work. I am not sure what all the runners thought of us this year as we were eating breakfast and relaxing? We congratulated them and they returned the favor. You see we were on the trail after them working most of the day while they nursed their sore bodies. They know and appreciate the fact that we are fixing the trail for their comfort also. Guess they are privileged as well to run trail in such a magnificent park.


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