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CATS Work Through Rain, July 12, 2018, City of Loveland Natural Area

I need a weather watcher for the project areas. At 230pm it was raining cats and dogs with 27mph winds at my house which is only about 3 miles from the worksite. I decided to wait it out by watching the National Geographic channel about Argentina. About 330 or so I get a call from Scott – “Where are you?” “ I am at home – why?” “We are all here waiting for you”. What?There was no rain over there. Obviously, I was late but the gang started to show up and we turned a rain event into a work event. More of the same trail building and sadly watching the lake draw up. We are at the half way point and it is full steam ahead! We just got to keep going on strong to get this baby done and out of the sun. Lots of good conversations as we work and jump frog over each other. Then the night comes and we are tired and retire to the Wapiti for food and a drink.

Members:    Navy Bob, Connie, Dean, Leigh, Andy, Scott, Nick, Brandon  Hours:   4.5
RESULTS:   400’ of basic trail cut and finished
ROSES: oNick …

CATS Continue Building Lake Trail, July 5, 2018, City of Loveland Natural Area

Absolutely! Seven of us got there in the heat of the day again and whacked in some good flat basic trail. No so fun, but great time as the weather was outstanding again - cool breeze off the lake, cloud cover and temps dropped considerably. Actually, I considered the working temperature and conditions perfect for trail building. As so it is we whack trail in most conditions. Though I am here to say (in a separate email soon) that temps over 90+ at 3pm on our work evenings are going to be delayed by one hour to 4 pm to get past the hottest part of the day. Four pm is about the hottest around here, but we can work into it better I reckon. So without me going out with an email blast at the last minute – remember to come later by one hour if the temperature is hotter than 90° F…. No skitos and lots of teeny tiny toads all over the place in the mud flats caused by the lake pulling back its shoreline. Seems the lake is getting some water pulled out. No worries – we tried not to step on those…