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CATS dig in, May 17, 2018, City of Loveland Natural Areas

CATS went at it again over there at Boise Ave and finished throwing in all the crusher fines for the grassland portion of the trail. Others worked on a splendid culvert and another causeway. Eight of us worked it up until late and then headed off to the food place – McGraff’s. Finishing the crusher fines delivery via the personal use of Scott’s truck was rewarding as that project really was long and tiring. Both crusher piles are mostly depleted. We have some minor tie-ins on the western part and then we have to fall back to the beginning and finish the tie in portions there. This is going to be a beautiful trail next to the river and should hold up – unless the river rises. Members: Bob V, Navy Bob, Scott, Leigh, Michael Hinte ​r​ berg, Dean, Brandon, Tim
Hours:   4.75
RESULTS:   Installed a new piped culvert lined with stone, one causeway, new trail, crush delivery to grassland trail complete
ROSES: ·Denny’s culvert was not easy – yet is finished and looks good ·Crusher fines done out ther…

Misty Wet CATS - May 12 - City of Loveland Natural Area

What was thought to be another weather bust ended up a great success! Saturday’s weather was bleak and cold.  We woke up to misty rain and 49°F morning and it did not look great for a CATS Saturday. So I sent out a holding email to wait till high noon and see if the weather breaks. Around 845 – I got a call from Scott who was over on site at Boise and wondering if we were coming out. Yikes – he missed the morning email blast. I felt bad and sent him home at least until noon. Well as it worked out, we all did some chores first, suited up, grabbed Whit again (grandson to neighbor next door), rounded up the CATS van again and headed over to the Boise worksite. Scott was there and the four of us went to work right away with the wheel barrow brigade. We started at the other end of the trail this time and loaded in the crusher fines. It was misty and cool – but we were stripping off layers of clothing within minutes. As we toiled on, others started arriving – Leigh, Monica, Andy, Cat and Nic…

Full House – CATS bring out members - May 10 - City of Loveland Natural Area

I am in trouble. I said last year if there were ever more than a dozen on the trail for a week night event, I would eat my CATS hat. Last Thursday we fielded 15 volunteers – a record for CATS! I was beside myself. Actually, I am very proud how CATS is taking off and the members are coming out. It is almost like ‘Field of Dreams’ movie – “you build it, we will come”. Except we are building and they are coming out up front. The citizens are the ones that enjoy the finish product of the trail as we build it – they will come. What a grunch of members out there….great group – lots of work accomplished. We set about finding the load of stone that the COL dropped for us and used two pickup trucks to relocate the piles into our workspace. Thanks City of Loveland group! Thanks to Scott and Leigh for the loan of their personal vehicles. We picked up on the trail again from last week and moved stone and crush to develop yet another raised trail piece (1/2 causeway). Great job for all those workin…