CATS Start New Trail

CATS Start New Trail Project – 1 Nov 2018 Willow Bend NA Loveland CO

With all the weather lately one would think it is time to hang up the tools. Not so for CATS as we are still whacking trail and this time on a new trail project here in Loveland at the newly purchased natural area – Willow Bend. I believe it is 98 acres with a pond. We have been tasked to cut in a hiking trail at six foot width for almost .4 mile. The new project required some weed-whacking and thanks to the COL we were able to borrow a machine for and almost whack the entire trail build area. We started early on this project with me going out there at noon to cut the grass down making it easier for CATS crews to get in there and cut in a nice dirt trail. Bob V came out and lent a hand in the cutting of the grass – all evening in fact and three tanks of gas later. We got folks there to the site and apologies for some that went to other areas, but in all we had 14 CATS on the trail last night for an inaugural whack! This area is another city jewel for hiking and just relaxing and enjoying nature. It is amazing how many pocket parks are being created along the Big Thompson corridor. The weather was perfect for trail building and the scenery out here is indescribable (when you are not looking down all the time cutting in trail). We saw red tailed hawks and other creatures here as we worked. Many thanks to all that came out and a big welcome to Morgan McGough who made his first appearance with CATS and is our newest member. We got off the trail quickly as darkness comes in fast at 6:20 or so. Next week will be different as the time changes and we will be quitting by 5:30 ish. SO be prepared for that and try to adjust your work schedules to come out and get into this place. Really – this is a beautiful piece of land and we are so proud to be out there whacking in a trail for the public in the near future to use.

Members:   Hours:  4.5 – varies also with most
RESULTS:   200 foot of mostly finished dirt trail at 6 ft. width
o   New member onboard – Morgan
o   New project and it is outstandingly beautiful out there
o   CATS  got to use weed-whacker and do some great cuttings
o   CATS flagged the entire portion of trail to be built
o   Good support from COL trails-natural area
o   Easy dig as the soil was soft
o   Location of this project is easy to find after the first time
o   “Nice to be outside”
o   “Beautiful sunset”
o   Large crew tonight and full of energy
o   Quality trail whacked in for time allotted
o   Nature views and fauna observed
§  Large trail width – largest for CATS to date
§  Dragging blankets of dirt – never fun
§  Gets dark too quick and worse beginning next week
BUDS:   Yes- this is the largest width trail we have ever whacked and it is a good challenge and new experience for us. Usually we work with a 12-18-24 or 36 inch trail width. This is double and more work. Some were asking why the trail is at six foot, and I explained that this new park/natural area will be open to the public so they can walk side-by-side and take in all the beauty it offers. Besides, the agency dictates the width and we march to that drum. Seems nobody is really complaining either, we just do the work and enjoy every minute out there. Who else is doing evening trail whacks? I met a man at a gas station Wednesday and he came out last night to experience CATS. Sometimes just talking about what we do excites others and the real true people follow up and come out. Also, we are all recruiters for CATS. Talk to people and let them know what CATS is all about. Some folks like the ownership portion of building trails and structures, others like giving back to the trails by coming out and working on them. There are numerous reasons why people become a CATS member. You just have to flush it out of them in good honest conversation. I am pleased to sponsor Morgan and he will be a great asset to our growing club. Randol’s are great also as a new family membership group. CATS value all its members. We are like stars in the universe and shine light on our work. I am sure everyone likes their own work and the combination of all the work pieces produces great trail products. Look what we did in a few hours out there last night! Together, we make a huge difference everywhere we go. Let’s keep up the movement and finish out this year at Willow Bend and start to look forward into 2019. Also remember that we are active during the winter months with meetings, trainings, toolfests, restocking, fixing up things, reading and studying up for the next season. Be well and happy.


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