CATS finish Boise Project – Grand Finale!, June 7, 2018, City of Loveland Natural Areas

Yes indeed and what a night! Hot and sunny but that did not stop us and the Capitols were playing for the Stanley Cup and that did not stop us. We just finished another quick  trail over at Rossum Drive and now we returned to our first project of the year and finished it. Many thanks to all those that came out this night and to all the others that touched this trail system. Well done! So, we arrived there at 3 pm and collected our early birds – Kathleen, Leigh, Dean, Lynn and mosey down to the tie in pieces we needed to connect at the western end. We moved all the remaining stone into place and also moved in wheel barrows of crush on the culvert area. Looks so nice and done in about two hours and then we had others arrive and we moved the whole large crew down to the east end. Bob redesigned the trail a bit and everyone got to work on it. We even had a quick little causeway to build in the ditch. We had lots of corridor clearing for the remaining six foot trail and also our piece by the edge of the woods. There was some really nice naturalizing of that roadway done by our folks and the city will be throwing in some natural seed materials in there later.
Done by 730 pm and packed up and off to Cactus Grill for the grand finale! Thanks to the city and we treated to some appetizers and liquids.

Members: Bob and Connie, Dean, Bob V, Brandon, Leigh, Lynn, Tim, Andy, Kathleen, Charlie Kopp
Hours:   4.5

RESULTS: 400 feet of new trail – ready for use, one 5 foot causeway  

·       FINISHED!
·       Shady- almost all of the evening work
·       Charlie Kopp made it out again with us!
·       Big crew
·       Work went smoothly
·       Neat little causeway
·       The variety of work was good
·       Different areas of corridor clearing
·       Amazing rock fell into hole  (Dean/Brandon Causeway)
·       Beer
·       Special place to go for dinner and liquids!
·       Tools came back clean
·       Extra tool managers onsite – actually everyone is – but nonetheless
·       No Prickly Pear attacks!
·       River log break was memorable and fun
·       River up and raging
·       Navy Bob was pole saw challenged until Bob V showed him how to do it
·       Skitos again and biting too!
·       Some concerns about the trail needing to crushed all-together

Two trail systems done in less than two weeks? Actually, yes and we are moving on! Nice work by our volunteers and the t-shirts, hats, and gloves show it. Dirt and sweat, brought on by honest toil to make something that lasts and is enjoyed by all that walk these trails. We certainly were motivated to finish this Boise project as we now have yet another trail system to whack in over by a lake on 1st Street. What is going to happen to us when we run out of new trail? We are really spoiled as I know there are quite a few trail groups that would cut off a finger to do new trail. Some towns/cities are done with new trail and all that is left is maintenance. Some trail volunteers never get to experience the joys of making new trail. We are blessed with the last few years and now, presently, whacking in absolutely new trail. Look back and marvel on the understanding and all the elements it takes to build a new trail.  Is the trail built correctly? Will it survive user groups and the weather? Did we short-cut any process or structure? These are the questions you have to ask yourself while looking at a new piece of trail. Usually, we call it sustainability and maintenance free to describe a well-built trail. Does CATS build sustainable trails? You bet we do and proud of it. We also make repairs to trails that need maintenance and do a great job at that as well. I hope everyone gets the time to go out there on our trails and walk them after we work them up. Look around and enjoy the scenery and nature itself. Most of the time we have our heads down grinding away at the dirt; now is the time to pull our heads up and take in the accomplishments. Experience the trail and know why we are CATS.
On the trail,

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Bob Johnson
Field Director - CATS


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