CATS Go North to Pineridge Natural Area- 02 Aug 2018

02 Aug 2018 at Pineridge NA – Dixon Reservoir the Viewpoint Spur
CATS Go North to Pineridge Natural Area
Hot again but up north now to Fort Collins area to work on a trail that has not seen maintenance in perhaps ten years. City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Todd Juhasz and Bob Johnson, Field Director for CATS arranged for this special trail whack in March of this year. What made this event special was the videoing of our members performing work and creating a new tool talk video which should come out later this year. CATS had to file a special use permit to be allowed to film there. Our great professional photographer and film maker – Tim Morse and his crew of CATS members – Andy Sheldon and our other photographer – Kathleen Ziff assisted in sound and settings as directed. What excitement! Tools clanging and camera crews strolling along capturing what we do best – whack trail! Some members were tasked with tools to talk about specifically while other members were filmed in their work zone. CATS will have some great videos in the future featuring tool talks, interviews with members, trail work in progress, a recruiting video and more! Our website will host all these media productions and be made available for all to see.
Viewpoint Spur needed some drainage features to stem off the water on the fall line of the trail. Rolling grade dips and some check steps were in order to help slow or divert the water off the trail. Some braiding was occurring and we patched that piece of trail with extensive rip-rap. The trail climbs to the end where there is a solo bench to sit and enjoy the view of Dixon Reservoir. We did not finish the work and that makes it more delicious for us to return soon and have another go at it.
Members:  Navy Bob, Connie, Dean, Scott, Kathleen, Lynn, Dale Roberts, Brandon, Andy, Hans, Bob V, Tim    Hours:   4.5 + extra with film crews and set up
RESULTS:   50’ corridor clearing/pull back, 7 check stone steps installed, 5 new rolling grade dips installed, 81’ of rip-rap and naturalizing put in
o  Combo night activities – video shoot and work party
o  Special permit approved
o  FCNA – Todd was there at beginning – dropped off snacks and ice cold water
o  Large crew – 12 members (included film crew)
o  Back up north and in the FC vibe again
o  New worksite for a change up and comments kept coming in about that – thank you
o  Great stone structures installed
o  Soil was not too hard as it looked – breaking it up was fun
o  Cookie treats again from Andy’s wife – she should get an award
o  Lynn put in her first stone step arrangement and the rock lines were spot on (stone whisperers know what I am talking about)
o  Dale and Hans seemed to put in their first RGD’s and did well
o  Five CUSS’d tools tonight filmed, more to follow at different location
o  All CATS members were considered actors tonight and got into the filming – hats off!

·     Almost finished the work
·     Time shortage
As CATS continues to grow in membership we also grow in creative ways to endorse ‘mending trails and promoting stewardship’. Actions speak volumes and we are action people. Documenting these actions has been in still photography for years now, but we are moving up and getting into training video’s which I think is the way to go. Many thanks to Tim and the film crew last night as I watched the professional way things get done in that venue. Our members have so many different skill sets as we have continually mentioned over the years. Here is a perfect example of using his profession to make CATS even better. We are so blessed with talented folks in our group. Everyone was an actor or were we really ourselves? We were just doing what we do best – work the trail, make good trail structures and products. I like how everyone moves along the trail and finds the challenges and then works it. Our newer folks are getting into it and finding the joy and self-gratitude of a well-made trail structure. Getting compliments from others helps too.
Speaking in this area, I would point out again that we (senior CATS members) need to mentor/coach our newest members in all areas until they are confident to stand alone. To our new members, I would attach myself to a senior member and ask questions/guidance on how to build things. Coaching means stay with the person for the evening or until the task is complete. ‘OJT’ (on the job training) is the old cliché for hands on working right there at the worksite; but it is also someone providing the training. Our quality work is as good as our workers. Care and proper training is needed in nurturing our upcoming veteran trail builders. If we miss this opportunity the quality of our work and membership will slowly deteriorate.
We rallied at Pitchers for some pitchers of beer and some good eats! On to next week!


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