CATS feverishly whack trail, May 31, 2018, City of Loveland Natural Area

CAT scratch fever that is! This evening whack was the second of two planned prep nights for CATS as we were assigned some detailed rock work that would slow down the strategy for Saturday’s National Trails Day (NTD) event. We got back on our causeways, two built already and three in the wings. No problem as you can see by the photos (tons of photos!) that we found stone in various places and worked on Brandon’s crew causeway with much aggression. Connie’s first causeway just needed some extra end stone and then we crushed the center with fill and naturalized the area. Leigh and Connie joined us on the Scott/Leigh causeway that was giving us some trouble. The stones were a tad small and towards the end of the evening – we were running out of them. Not to mention the skitos come out at about 7 pm or so and target us juicy warm blooded creatures. The crews were focused and worked overtime again to get 95% of our work done in time for the big day! Hats off to such dedicated members. Our work shows it too!

We also had a new member come out tonight – Lynn Morales (not Monica’s sister) and she is a long time WRV volunteer and now a dual hatter….Welcome Lynn!  Fun times at El Cielo with Margaritas and food. Two members sealed their membership with us by being presented their ball caps that are so nice and clean with tags on them still. They vowed to get them dirty as soon as possible. Congratulations to our new hatters and next five will be exciting as we get you both into shirts!

Members: Bob, the Connie, Brandon, Leigh, Scott, Hans, Kathleen, Andy, Lynn

Hours:   4.75

RESULTS:   Completed all causeways for grand total of four and one small rubble wall. Still some light work on last causeway to be done on NTD


·       Lynn came out and liked everything and joined

·       Great crews working on separate projects

·       Good weather

·       Two ball caps presented at dinner

·       Great stone retrieval from areas

·       Patience with learning the stone – sometimes the work gets taken apart to make a tad better

·       Nice closure of trail between our causeways – meaning: they worked the crush into place at 3 foot width

·       Missed some of our folks – this time – Dean was getting surgery (we were thinking of him)

·       Good coordination with COL folks and staging materials



·       Skitos – like to attack

·       Poison Ivy likes to invite us to touch it


OK – so you go on vacation and this is what happens – you get four reports behind. I am going to make this one quick as I have to move on to the others and my memory is not so great any more. Have you noticed the time is going super-fast along with bodily functions – like reading, memory, and soreness? You youngsters in the group don’t have a clue what we are talking about but you will as OA (old age) taps into everyone. Best listen to your elders and seek advice. You are not indestructible and you cannot do everything – sorry. But we still love you and remember that we were young once. What does this have to do with CATS? Everything, cause CATS is a mixture of youth and senior (notice I did not say ‘old’) humans and we care about each other and the land we toil over. Most rationale humans are doing something else in the evening like biking around all over the place, or climbing, shopping, dining, relaxing and watching TV or just hanging out somewhere – other than where we plant our flag every Thursday. Why do we do it, that is, dress up in hot clothing (does not include Brandon), heavy boots, nasty gloves, backpack, camera equipment, food, water, all these things that have weight and go out in the heat and whack trail? I have been asking myself for years why I do it and Connie too? I think we are crazy and have a following. No worries – I will not ask you to drink the Kool-Aid, just drink plenty of cool water to quench the thirst of trail. Be well my friends.

On the trail,

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Bob Johnson
Field Director - CATS


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