CATS dig in, May 17, 2018, City of Loveland Natural Areas

CATS went at it again over there at Boise Ave and finished throwing in all the crusher fines for the grassland portion of the trail. Others worked on a splendid culvert and another causeway. Eight of us worked it up until late and then headed off to the food place – McGraff’s. Finishing the crusher fines delivery via the personal use of Scott’s truck was rewarding as that project really was long and tiring. Both crusher piles are mostly depleted. We have some minor tie-ins on the western part and then we have to fall back to the beginning and finish the tie in portions there. This is going to be a beautiful trail next to the river and should hold up – unless the river rises.
Members: Bob V, Navy Bob, Scott, Leigh, Michael Hinte, Denny
berg, Dean, Brandon, Tim
Hours:   4.75

RESULTS:   Installed a new piped culvert lined with stone, one causeway, new trail, crush delivery to grassland trail complete

·       Denny’s culvert was not easy – yet is finished and looks good
·       Crusher fines done out there in the field
·       Great weather
·       Dean’s/Brandon causeway looks very nice indeed
·       Beautiful sunset out there as usual
·       Great crew
·       Lots of side jobs that went without fanfare – round hounding, crush delivery by wheel barrow, stones
·       Scott’s donation of some new close in rock working tools
·       Navy Bob ate his hat
·       Bob the slave driver did not allow an evening break – blamed it on wife who was not there
·       In fact – no females out there this time – sad
·       Worked pass end time – overtime with little pay
Sometimes it is hard to pull yourself off the trail especially when you are so close to finishing something. Though we finished our goals for the night, there remain a few pieces that would be so great to have done. Thus patience is our virtue. We will finish this trail all in good time and not be rushed. What is more exciting is that we can see the vision clearly and the light at the end of the tunnel (so to speak). This project has kicked off our season and provided a fun outdoor project involving new rock skills – causeways and culvert. I guess the crusher fines may be a new skill set too as we just did not throw the crush into the trail willy-nilly. We packed that trail with 4-5” of crush and crowned it at the center. That says something about consistency and quality. No short cutting here. Determination was a factor too. Scott and Leigh were at the end determined to finish this hauling and relocating project and they did it. So when you walk this trail, the trail will have many stories and personal reflections on the human energy that made it. I encourage all CATS members to go back and walk the trails we build and relive the construction moments of time. It may be another way we connect with our whole concept of being one with nature and stewardship. It is also good to go back and critique the trail and structures to see if they are holding up. I know they are – we build good stuff.
On the trail,
Bob Johnson

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Bob Johnson
Field Director - CATS


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