Lake Boedecker - Almost Done!

CATS Almost Finish Everything at Lake Boedecker – 18 Oct 2018
Well the trail cutting in is all done, but we have some crusher fines to move around next week. We had a new couple join us for some fun on the trail – the Randol’s that live nearby and helped at the Mariana Butte loop crusher fines distribution on National Trails Day this year. Ben and Brandon made it out for the last whack on this trail and glad to have them. It was a slow start as Scott and I and the Randol’s began to work at a slow pace. Dean came on the scene and then others filtered in and the work went faster. Imagine that? Many hands and tools moving helps make the trail come faster. I must admit it is a pretty piece of trail up in the berm and elevated from the wetland. The weather was spectacular and we got to see an owl fly in and perch for a while. We went over to Wapiti again for a nice bite to eat and warm place to relax.

Members:   Hours:  4
RESULTS:   176 feet of fresh new trail at 3’ width
o   Two new members joined – yeah!
o   Weather break – from ugly stuff last week
o   B & B = Ben and Brandon
o   Finished up to a point where the bridge will come into the trail
o   Owl sighting provided some wildlife entertainment
o   Soil was good to move around
§  NA
BUDS:  It is always good we have no accidents or injuries and no thorns. We are not perfect, but we do stay the course to being safe and providing good trail builds or repairs. You hear these boasts all the time from me. Complementing our people and work is sort of my responsibilities and duty to keep our little group fresh and viable. It would be rather boring going out there all the time and just push tools at folks and say – ‘get to work’. CATS is social and into its members. I think that is why we have a good following on all projects. We love the challenges of trail and yet we like being around people with a similar outdoor compassion. Spirited conversations happen out there on the trail which everyone can participate. We keep the work light and help each other in various ways. A lot of our work is subliminal as we see something that needs to be done and then we do it. For example – dragging brewery cloth cuttings off into the woods or pulling tools back to the van. There is a multitude of things we do that encompasses the whole idea of CATS. We blend our skills together and share and build our mental stores with all these projects. Every project is different. Every time a member comes out they learn something new. The CATS model is still working after 11 years and I am a very happy Bobcat!


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