Fastest Project Done!

CATS Finish Project in Record  Time  - 25 Oct 2018   2- 5 pm

Outstanding work from our members last Thursday as we wrapped up our project there at Lake Boedecker in Loveland. We were asked to arrange crusher fines in 3 ft. width to form a trail much like the work we did at Boise Ave earlier this year. The main difference was the crush was organized into small piles along the linear trail and distribution was easy with a McLeod. This trail is a lead in trail from the parking lot of the Boedecker Reservoir State Wildlife Area
There was a new barbed wire fence to deal with but our members successfully navigated that obstacle and went on to level these piles in record time. Amazingly eight members worked 430’ of trail in 1.5 hours or so. We were so done that going back to the parking lot we picked up six more members that did not even pick up a tool this night. I feel bad – but this is the fastest work we have ever done on a project. I hope we can find some more work that keeps us engaged and onsite for a while. Many thanks to the City of Loveland for strategically placing the piles in the trail and to all our members that came out. We still managed to have a good get together in the parking lot with special food treats from the Ziff’s and we went over to the Wapiti for an evening of food and spirits.

Members:   Hours:  3 total
RESULTS:   430’ of sized trail at 3 foot and 2-3” thick with crusher fines
o   Fastest ever project finish
o   Big crew
o   Great weather considering all the bad weather lately
o   Mike Hinterberg joined us
o   Ben and Kathleen Ziff came back to be with us
o   Randol’s brought out their grandson – Tyler – awesome!
o   Presented shirt to Lynn Morales
o   Lynn back from her injury
o   Food treats in parking lot – so cool
o   Wapiti as an evening retreat
§  None presented
BUDS:   What can I say? I thought this project would be a bit longer and harder for our group – but we knocked it out in record time. I feel bad for those that came out to throw in with us but found out the project was completed. I hope our members are good with this? I value your time and would not waste it needlessly. Efficiency and experience with crusher fines all this year just paid off for us.
This last work project concluded our presence out there at Lake Boedecker for this year and we are moving on to greater projects here in town this year. Keep checking the website for our latest project. Many thanks to those that attended the WRV toolfest today (Saturday) and made a difference there. CATS toolfest will be on Dec 15, 2018 9-3 pm at Lory State Park. Come out and pick up some tool skills in cleaning, sharpening, repairing, painting and oiling trail tools.


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