CATS at Duncan Ridge

CATS Attack Duncan Ridge – 13 Sep 2018
Not like Missionary Ridge in during the Civil War, but CATS did lay in a nice attack on stone steps installation on a climbers trail that needed some attention. Larimer County trail crews put in about 30 steps a few years ago and this fall we were asked to add on to their nice work. Some steps needed repairs while the remaining trail requires new stone steps. This is our first whack on the trail and we will most likely be there until it is finished. Lots of available stone and some stone is like cut to order. The vision on putting steps has been fun and all those out there are having a good time becoming ‘rock whisperers’. Not everyone has the ability to see what a black space of dirt will become after throwing in a stone. Tim- our photographer has been having a ‘field day’ with shooting our folks working the stone. These training videos coming out in the future should be a really nice touch for our website training area. Duncan Ridge, which I never really paid any attention to as we just drive past it is a jewel. The views from the top of the reservoir are spectacular and the climbing area is very popular with the locals. Since the trail is designed for climbers – the steps are still being installed to be comfortable to climb up. We have found that there are a lot of customers that just walk up for the view or to meditate. Dean worked from the top down and the rest of the crew are working from the bottom up. Many thanks for the below listed members that are out here performing some great rock work! PS – We started an hour later due to the 90°F rule.

Members:   Bobcat Bob, Connie, Hans, Dean, Andy, Tim, Leigh, Scott   Hours:   3.5
RESULTS:   13 stone steps from both areas installed
o  Photographer onsite
o  Good videos taken
o  Great tool stash provided by LC
o  Lots of great stone on both sides of the trail
o  Great views from the top
o  Nice views also during the break (Connie makes sure we take our break) – slave driver Bob
o  Climber compliments
o  Connie mentored up with Hans – producing some great steps
o  Someone said I was ‘rad’ – what the heck does that mean?
ü Late start – have to remember that with the sun leaving us
ü Needed more shovels next time
ü Mcloeds not the tool of choice up there
ü Shorter time on trail - sad
BUDS:  Hey we are up north now and where are all the Fort Collins folks? I heard rumblings about how we are in the south too much. Really – it is all good as all members travel great distances to be out there. Why is that? I actually lie around trying to figure that out. I guess CATS has something that attracts new folks and returning members. Is it the work or the company? Is it exercise or closure to personal projects? Not sure I can answer that for everyone, but for me it is all of it. CATS was started to supplement the vanishing city parks work force and provide some trail relief at no cost. The evenings of the summer were a perfect time to get out on the trail and not interfere too much with the customers and yet get some maintenance done. CATS originally were all about maintenance. Now we are truly blessed with new trail projects as it is considered gold with most trail groups. I also think about chemistry (which I failed miserably in high school) another type of chemistry – people. I think it is the right mix of people that make CATS great and how we continue to grow by attracting the right people. What is the right person for CATS? It is YOU! Everyone has something to contribute to CATS and everyone is important in this group. Thank you for making CATS part of your life and making this trail group one of the best in the area! As some of our agency reps say – “You rock!”


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