CATS Survive Heat - 19 July 2018 at Lake Boedecker

19 July 2018 at Lake Boedecker Loveland CO
CATS Survive Heat
As this is our 5th whack out there in the open fields of Loveland CO we have been very fortunate to start out in extreme heat and then clouds come in with a breeze and cool things off. Not today, we experienced some hot temperatures in the high 90’s and it was brutal with full sun bearing down on our dedicated trail whackers. We had a new member come out for the first time and he really had a hard time with the heat. We as seasoned CATS members have to watch out for our newest members and help them acclimate to the weather and the work. We are now ‘buff’ as I always hint at, but in reality we are toughen to the weather more so than anyone coming out ( unless they work outside all day). Our distant CATS member – Nick Davis came up from Boulder again to work with us and earn his shirt! He could not wait to get it on as the photos show! Light crew this week, but who is counting? We managed to get 300’ of trail whacked in and we are now over half way done. The home stretch looks as nice while we are working our way easterly towards the grove of trees. Next week should be better with the weather.
Members:  Navy Bob, Connie, Dean, Scott, Nick, Dale Roberts (new), Brandon  Hours:   3.5
RESULTS:   300’ of new finished trail – ready for use
o  Welcomed new member – Dale Roberts (dentist)
o  Delayed start helped a bit – but heat was still bad
o  Repacked the van from the camping trip
o  2nd visit from the dude in Boulder
o  Nick got his well-deserved shirt (t-shirt and now working on the long sleeve shirt)
o  Wapiti visit and sunset there
o  Weather watcher in effect – works well
ü Hot – humid too – full sun
ü 100°F at 4 pm – what the heck?
ü Heat affected all members
ü Van sliding door broke again
BUDS:  It brings pleasure to me to witness our members earning their CATS apparel because we attached value to items and means something when folks really earn them. Some trail groups throw out t-shirts and hats like candy for just a one afternoon trail event and that is all good too in satisfying the volunteer. Does it have the same meaning? NO. We structurally set up a visible training item that shows a person wearing the hat and shirt knows something about trails, especially after ten whacks with us. You need to work with us and not in partner group situations to be a real CATS member. We pride ourselves on teaching different skill sets and modes of operations and because of our weekly frequency; we deliver the training faster than most groups. You can only get so much from a weekend trail gig as opposed to working with CATS, learning the trail skills can take a few weeks, months, or in some cases – years. It is how you approach CATS – do you want to learn trail stuff? For those that came out the State Forest State Park camping event, you were able to see how we operate in a high altitude environment and produce quality trail products. Urban or mountain environs, we are confident in our ability to work up trail solutions for our partner agencies. We are tough and rugged individuals (to some reasonable point) and have a ‘can do’ attitude. You cannot talk a project into completion – it takes hands on work and getting dirty. I like the evening whacks, the smells of dirt and duff, the clang of tools, the many conversations and then there is the heat. What can I say? Toads!


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